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Monday, December 12, 2011

Visions Of Tomorrow (And A Shot Of Whiskey)

In the 1940s, Seagram's advertised its whiskey by asserting that the bold visionaries who were planning the great technological advances of the future drank its product.  Retronaut posted 14 images from these print ads.  In addition to appreciating the great artwork, it is interesting to note that only a few of these visions did not come true.  Let us run down the checklist. 
3-D Movies?  Yep.  Come, gone and come again.
Communications of Tomorrow?  Check - voice recognition software, faxes, cell phones, etc.
Desert blooming through atomic power?  Missed on that one.  Only blooms in the desert associated with nuclear power so far are mushroom clouds.
Facsimile newspaper?  Check your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
Groceries on wheels?  Technologically no problem.  Just never caught on commercially.
Harnessed power of tomorrow?  No.  We have not harnessed lightning storms yet.  Cool idea though.
Office of tomorrow?  Easy. 
Portable radio-telephone?  Cell phone.
Shopping comfort?  Once again, technologically feasible, but never commercially implemented.
Skyway delivery?  I'm not sure exactly how that gadget is supposed to work.  We do have overnight delivery, but I'm still waiting to see this giant wing with a bunch of packages.
Supermarket?  Easy, although this one has a cool retro style compared to today.
Traveling kitchens deliver package dinners?  Got 'em, and I am not even counting pizza delivery.
TV and radio telephone?  Skype.
Watch events as you dine?  I wish I could get away from a TV in some restaurants.

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